Monday, February 21, 2011

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When is NOW the right time?

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The right time is critical. That, at least we think people and often spend days, months or even lifetime of waiting for the right time. But when is now the right time? If you have more time to have more money, your ideal weight have achieved, have more energy, are moved, your relationship have finished, have a new job, the weather improves, the economy recovers, ...?

Most love their explanations and excuses as to why now is not the right moment. Actually, it is also an individual matter, if only they would not attract so many negative consequences. We live in a perfectly organized universe.

NOW is the only time that is real. NOW is therefore the only correct time.

When you get to know a person when you a chance opened, if you could benefit from a service, book, or discover Workshop, etc., this shows that the universe is paving the way for you. In other words, whenever something happens that is exactly the right time. At least as far as the natural flow of the universal organization.

But we humans understand obstacles and excuses to invent a penny. "It would be a great thing, but actually my current job is not so bad. No, really happy I'm not, but ultimately I'm not the youngest. I would be healed so much, but I lack at the moment just the money. " Certainly have you yourself ever experienced a similar situation and similar explanations and excuses invented. It does not matter how driftig the reasons were or how many proofs you have. everything you've invented!

The time for change, healing, new challenge, workshop participation, investment, etc., ALWAYS now is the right one.

Of course I'm speaking of synchronicity and not logically reasoned arguments as to why now is the appropriate or inappropriate moment is something to do or not do. Synchronicity means that adjusted opportunities and doors open, that you may not even counted. Synchronicity means that a strong grasp a step forward feel adventurous. Synchronicity does not mean that you wait passively to share the oceans, all of a sudden a million in your bank account or ringing your soul mate with you.

synchronicity is based on the fact that right now, where you a new opportunity opens up, the time is right, and is recognized by the conscious and attentive life.

What opportunities and offers you have opened recently? Which of these you can have rebuffed with well-decorated excuses? What did you just in the here and now implemented in the knowledge that it is not an oversight, but a good thoughtful, universal providence?

course, I count myself in certain situations and excuses for a sensational artist, and I must say that I feel since my return link difficult not to follow my inner voice. If we did not grab an opportunity must not always have disastrous consequences, but what is certain for sure is that we can stop by our personal development. And this can be quite unpleasant.

The more opportunities we currently, the more we experience the natural flow of life. And that is something that some of us do.

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