Monday, September 20, 2010

Tiffany Towers Running At The Beach

The winners of the raffle drawn .

I think your waiting to finally give the winners.
Since today was a glorious sunny day so was the drawing out to laid and because there's all the flowers so beautiful and we are indeed in Blümli-garden, I wrote your number on petals and then slid to an unspectacular, with closed eyes 2 sheets. The numbers 17 and 19 have won.

on silver, I have you laid.
In the bright sunshine was drawn.
The first prize for Chrissi is the No. 17
The 2nd Rita is the price for No. 19

The 1 Price go to Chrissi by Chrissis Home
The 2nd Price goes to Rita of Eessential

write me your address so I send you the Anhängerchen can.

Many thanks to all who have written me such nice comments. The next draw will determine soon.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.
The nice weather makes the flowers really shine again, a true Farbenfeuerwek.

My flower bed is overgrown.

Here one can hide now.
It looks like spring, but it is the autumn crocus. They light the time in the meadows.
beautiful flowers, but toxic.
There are even different flower forms.

I still wish you a wonderful week, many greetings Melontha


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